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Vintage Signed Germany Blackamoor Pendant

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Vintage Signed Germany Blackamoor Pendant

Vintage Signed Germany Blackamoor Pendant

Vintage Signed Germany Blackamoor Pendant

Vintage Signed Germany Blackamoor Pendant

Item Vin37 Description   A wonderful Blackamoor Pendant featuring the Blackamoor head wearing a colourful painted turban with goldtone beads to protray fine jewellery and around his neck. The face has highlights in goldtone to bring out his features, the turban has been painted and is not enamel set onto a round goldtone metal pendant which is embossed with a beautiful ornate design held together with an a lovely delicate zig zag design making it hollow. The back of the pendant follows through the gorgeous detailing. The brooch measures 1.75 inches in diameter not including the loop, on the inside of the loop it is signed made in germany. Excellent condition and a worthy piece in any jewellery collection. Acquired from a friend in the USA. Currently in House of Francheskas Collection, this will be a hard piece to part with.

Some Information on Blackamoor Jewellery    According to An Illustrated Dictionary of Jewellery by Newman, a Blackamoor is a figure of a young male or female black African depicted in jewelry in a head or bust. Morcic Croatian jewelry and figures have been a speciality of the artisans of Venice and Croatia for hundreds of years. Inspired by styles of the East, this type of jewellery was believed to have protective powers and was sometimes worn as an amulet to guard against evil. Sailors often wore a Morcic earring in their left ear. In the 19th century it became the expensive and sought-after jewellery to the rich. Still produced today in Venice by the iconic Nardi firm and conjuring up images of Carnivale and the exotic mysterious East.

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