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Antique, Vintage and Estate Costume Jewellery
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You'll find some of the items listed within the gallery will show the information on the original manufacturer, the designer, the patent number with the information sheet and sometimes we come across the original advertisement. This database is growing rapidly and I'll try to update it every day. Antique and vintage jewellery value depends on current market trends, condition of the item, the rarity of the design and the designer. You'll also see present day new collections from well known designers.

Vintage Alfred Philippe earrings Vintage Trifari Necklace, bracelet and earrings Vintage Hobe Brooch Art Deco Brooch Trifari Thistle Set, Necklace, Brooch and Earrings Trifari Necklace and bracelet trifari brooch trifari brooch and earrings Mens Cufflinks and Tie tack Mens Cufflinks and Tie tack Mens Cufflinks and Tie tack Mens Cufflinks and Tie tack trifari earrings trifari Brooch Trifari Earrings pennino earrings Richelieu Necklace Trifari Rhinestone Brooch vintage weiss clip earrings vintage trifari brooch vintage winged backed celluloid earrings designer pierre cardin necklace and bracelet Ivana Trump ring Lisner necklace of topaz and Aurora Borealis

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House of francheska top 10 business in the south west region of the uk barclays trading places award 2008

House of Francheska, Barclays Bank PLC Trading Places Award 2008 > > >

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