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We Have Really Happy Customers

January 2016 - Wow, great communication and delivered so fast plus the earrings are amazing, highly recommend. Helen - UK

February 2015 - Yesterday my Nolan Miller Brooch arrived in good order including all the information I need and a present as well i.c. a beautiful Brilliance Ring. An extaordinary treatment, Lorraine, thank you very much!! It is Always a challenge to buy these things by internet and in another country, a matter of trust, but for me The House of Francheska has proved to me as a reliable partner. I am very happy with the Brooch, excellent quality Thanks for everything and till next time, All best wishes, Marie-Louise - Netherlands

March 2014 - The jewellery set arrived this morning and is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sending it so incredibly quickly, your customer service is superb! I look forward to doing business with you again.With very best wishes, Dawn - UK

December 2013 - Lorraine! I just got the package! The Natty Creations piece is more beautiful in person. I feel so privileged to now own it. Thank you for the strawberry brooch pin gift!!! It will be lovely with so much of my wardrobe. Hope you have a happy holidays and continued road to sustained good health. Thank you again for contacting me about the bridal train holder. My collection feels complete. Jill - USA

May 2012 - Dear Lorraine, My beautiful necklace arrived a week ago and I am so thrilled with it that I've already worn it three times! I hope that you're feeling better and thank you for everything. Anna - Malta

February 2011 - The biggest thanks though for that Necklace, I'm just blown away by it my friend. Its something that is going to be treasured I can assure you of that! - Helen UK

January 2011 - Hello Lorraine, just to let you know that my parcel arrived safely this morning and I am delighted with the contents! Sharon UK

December 2010 - I received the three items of costume jewellery today and I am delighted. My wife will be thrilled. Thanks again for your fantastic service, I look forward to finding other items of interest in future. Have a great festive season. Very best wishes, Mike - UK

October 2010 - Thank you so much for sending it so soon. I'm excited for my mum to receive it! thanks again for your prompt delivery - Zahra - UK

September 2010 - Parcel arrived safely and I was so pleased when I opened it. Exactly as I had imagined it!! Your gesture with the necklace was greatly appreciated and with the smallest amount of TLC I shall be the proud owner of a very beautiful set of vintage jewellery. So evocative of my youth. Thank for your integrity. A very satisfied customer. Emily - UK

August 2010 I wanted to let you know the perfume bottles arrived today, all safe and sound, that was fast and you did a great packing job. I am so happy to add the Panther Cartier bottles to my collection. Marianna - USA

August 2010 Hi Lorraine, just received all the fabulous things I purchased. Love, love, love them all. I am so thrilled about the Lana Turner bracelet, I will treasure this piece. Pat - USA

August 2010 - I am visiting my parents and gran next week and am looking forward to showing my Nan what I purchased with my birthday money. I know she will think its stunning as do I. Maria - UK

June 2010 - the plate arrived today safe and sound and very well packed, such a speedy delivery... my partner had been searching for this plate for some time, his mother had it as a gift from her mother who is no longer with us and he accidentally broke it and was so upset. Thank goodness for you and your wonderful shop!! thank you also for your excellent communication and professionalism - Cath UK

May 2010 - Thank you very much indeed. Parcel arrived today. Absolutely delighted with it. Hope to do business with you again very soon. Iain UK

May 2010 - The parcel arrived today thank you very much. It is a present for my wife to mark our 41st wedding anniversary. I know she will be very pleased with it. Hope to deal with you again. Robert UK

May 2010 - I received my jewellery this morning and i am very pleased with it. Thank you for the free gift and many thanks for the wonderful customer service. Rosemary - UK

April 2010 - When I came home late last night your parcel was waiting for me. What a superb surprise !!!!! Lovely, wonderful and, you know what, it will go perfectly with my evening dress I have just bought for a wedding to which we are invited. Absolutely perfect. Thank you ever soooooo much. Birgit - Germany

March 2010 - Thank you, yet again, for a wonderful first class service. Im so pleased with the brooch and the bracelet - excellent. Always a pleasure to buy from the House of Francheska - Pamela UK

March 2010 - The rings all arrived yesterday and I love them all and thank you for the free ring, it's gorgeous...I feel quite glam when I am wearing Elizabeth's jewellery and I always get asked if they are the real thing! - Karen - UK

March 2010 - I am very pleased and thank you for the gift greetings from Carin - Netherlands

March 2010 - arrived this morning and it is wonderful! Even better than the photos! Will treasure it and it will remind me of India! - Christine - Spain

February 2010 - I was so thrilled with my items recently arrived, my fishy brooch and the quirky leprachaums are great fun. I shall have to think of a way of keeping the

coins, perhaps a ribbon or chain. Thank you also for the free gifts, what a really nice feature, very clever choices as the pink brooch has soft colours and the bracelet fits! ( Tiny wrist) - Demelza - UK

January 2010 - I found your parcel, which the postman left with my neighbours, something he normally does not do. I am thrilled to bits. The brooch is lovely, the ring I ordered wonderful and the present you included is fantastic. Thank you very very much. Again a superb service and top quality products. I am really really happy. - Birgit - Germany

December 2009 - The brooches have arrived in perfect condition, and they are absolutely beautiful ! And then a stunning surprise - the wonderful necklace. I was speechless. Thank you ever so much. I still do not know what to say, absolutely gorgeous. And again many, many thanks. - Birgit - Germany

December 2009 - The necklace arrived in time for Christmas and was in perfect condition. My girl-friend was and is more than happy with it. Your company offers a great service and a superb variety. - Andreas - Germany


December 2009 - Just to let you know your parcel safely arrived to my mother's home.she told me about the beautiful pin.thank you so much! - Dominque - France

February 2008 -Fun, informative. Great selection of items, both for sale and to read. Keep up the good work!! Sue - NY

February 2008 - I have received the shipment and it is really a wonderful pin! I had not expected the extra in the gift of the earrings but they are beautiful as was the box. Truly, I appreciate the special care and concern you showed to ensure that I received my shipment, even in far away California. Best wishes and many thanks very satisfied customer! Vicky California

December 2008 - The parcel has arrived and Im happy to say Im extremely pleased with its contents. A very fast and efficient service. Once again a very happy customer!! - Pamela D UK

November 2008 -Thank you for the parcel I just got yesterday. The demis are wonderful. The roses by Liz Taylor I am going to wear next Sunday - Kati - Finland

November 2008 - Thank you for Florenza locket, nice piece of jewellery and as usual packaged to perfection. arrived Friday, collected to-day thank you - Maureen Young - UK

November 2008 - Thanks a lot for the additional information. It's always so nice to know where your jewelry comes from! I look forward to receiving the brooch, and absolutely love your website (which I only discovered about 10 days ago). Mariska UK

September 2008 - I have received the parcel in good order. You are much to kind Thanks for the extra gifts. - Carin The Netherlands

July 2008 -Just to let you know that the parcel arrived safely and I love the brooches. Thanks so much for the gift, it was a lovely thought. Best wishes Ann - UK

July 2008 - The jewellery arrived today and I am so pleased. What beautiful items, arriving quickly and well packaged. Thank you also for the lovely free gift - unexpected but much appreciated! Pamela D - UK

July 2008 - You have a wonderful website. I am a fan! I visit your website weekly. You can't find many websites like yours that has Elizabeth Taylor jewelry. I often use your website as a reference tool..... Plus I thank you for making your website so interesting & fun to visit. I think I viewed the slide show a couple of times already!! - Trish


June 2008 - The beautiful Dior arrived safe and sound today. I am thrilled with it. It is gorgeous! It is way better in person. Thanks so much for such a prompt shipment! Linda - USA

June 2008 - You have been WONDERFUL! I wish I could get more customer service like this. Sharon - USA


April 2008 - Received the two pairs of Trifari earrings this morning. Im so pleased with them and very fast delivery too. Pamela UK

January 2008 - This is a full email received from one of our customers..
It was the first time I'd bought jewellery from a website: naturally I was a little wary - it is hard to gauge the item without being able to see it, feel it. But your site had lots of photographs and close ups, and had lots of interesting information on various jewellery makers. I loved the photographs of the bird of paradise, and with the price being so reasonable, especially for what looked a delightful object in the photographs, I thought I'd give it a go. Well, as you know, I was not disappointed when I opened the gift box, unfolded the wrapping tissue, and out flew the shimmering bright D'Orlan bird of paradise. It is a gift for someone special and I am sure they will adore it. And the delivery was impressively swift. To be honest, I chose the brooch because it just looked nice. But since buying it I've read up a little about the maker. It's brilliant finding unusual items with such panache, character, romance, glamour. And so I imagine I will be checking out the site in the future. Thanks also for the news about the brooch appearing in that magazine. I shall look out for that for sure.That's an added, rather fun, bonus! Stephen - UK

December 2007 - My order arrived safely and thank you so much, I am delighted with everything I bought! - Linda UK

December 2007 -The necklace arrived today and it is really lovely, I am so pleased. Thank you so much. Pamela - UK

December 2007 -Thank you Lorraine, Brooch arrived safely - very pleased Thanks for excellent service - David UK

December 2007 - I just love the Shah Jehan necklace....The treasured vine set is wonderful and my free gift brilliant, I can't wait to wear it to my Christmas parties! - karen - UK

November 2007 - Just to let you know I received my Elizabeth Taylor "Heart of Hollywood" brooch this morning and all I can say is ... WOW!!! It is amazing. Such supreme quality and so large!! I LOVE IT!!! - Sharlyn - UK

November 2007 - My necklace is absolutely fantastic - I will be wearing it to a big family party on Christmas Eve and it's going to look fab! And thank you for the free gift - the ring is lovely - Nell - UK

November 2007 -Just to let you know my stunningly beautiful signed Pennino brooch has arrived. It is awesome, I LOVE it!!! Looked fatastic when I saw it in Antiques and Collectables magazine and on your website. But seeing it pinned to my shirt as I type this, it is breath-taking. I can't believe I own something that was attached to a magazine article YIPPEEE!! :o) I have never bought a piece of jewellery like this before and am amazed at the sheer quality of it and also how weighty it is. I read your article about fake, cheap, junk, reproduction etc ... and now I have my brooch I totally see what you were saying. I too [like many I'm sure] always thought costume jewellery was cheap and nasty. How wrong I was. I know this brooch will get me started on a collection [in fact I have already bought a gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor Avon brooch from you which I am looking forward to receiving]. Also thank you so much for the free gift you included. The earrings are lovely, so kind of you. I will be ordering a lot more from you in the future and can't wait to show off my brooch to all my friends and family. Kind Regards and Best Wishes [once again I love my brooch]. Sharlyn - UK

November 2007 - Wow! Thank you so much. I love the brooch, I also love horses and it is just beautiful. The earrings are great and I look forward to wearing them at Christmas. And thank you for the brilliant (in every sense) ring. It fits perfectly and I am wearing it as I type and it is sparkling beautifully - I love it. Many, many thanks. I look forward to doing more business with you come the New Year!! - Karen - UK

October 2007 - I received the necklace set on Saturday, absolutely fab as usual. Many thanks. Best wishes - Margaret - UK

October 2007 - Today your package was delivered to me and it all looked splendid. Thank you very much for the additional gifts. They where very nice too. I will regularly visit your website to see if you listed any new jewelry. Best Wishes, - Karin Zwaneveld Netherlands

September 2007 -I just wanted to thank you for posting the book out to me so quickly. It arrived this morning, along with my little present, thank you so much it was a lovely surprise and I am most enjoying wearing it! The book is wonderful, just so exquisite. Thank you again, Emma-Angelique - UK

September 2007 - What a lovely lady you are!! thank you for the ballet surprise - that was so thoughtful of you! i really appreciate it I also absolutely love the jewellery I bought - I can see that I am going to be a regular customer!! off to look at site now! very best wishes carol - UK

July 2007 - I wanted to let you know that I picked up my package today. It actually arrived on my birthday, but the mailman ran late, so I had to wait until today to get it. I am so greatful for the birthday gifts you sent me. Thank you so much, I sincerely appreciate them and your excellence in the level of customer service you provided me with. It was a pleasure as well for me doing business with you... - Khiana - Denver

May 2007 - Thank you very much for sending me the bracelet I had just started wondering about it! I am really happy you have granted me a quicker delivery and I am even happier that the bracelet will arrive to me on time for the birthday of my friend for whom I bought it for. Thank you very much for your great service, I look foward to receive my post tomorrow, Alberta

May 2007 - Great news! The bracelet arrived today, and it is beautiful. I'm glad I gave it a few extra days for delivery. It was worth the wait. Thank you so much for the Free Gift; the earrings are absolutely lovely. I will treasure them always. Also, thank you for your kindness and patience. God Bless You Always Raquel

May 2007- I received your royal mail package today....how VERY speedy it came!! everything is wonderful...and a special big thanks for your KIND gift of the heart of hollywood earrings!! WOW!!!the shah pendant is very substantial & much LARGER than expected!! In fact EVERYTHING that i have viewed so far in the ET's line is quite substantial. Robin Andrea

March 2007Just to let you know my parcel arrived safely - thank you. Very quick service and thanks for the lovely free gift it was kind of you The astra necklace is beautiful ! I am lost for words to be honest - Hayley - UK I will definately recommend

you to my friends

9 August 2006 - The ring arrived today and fits just like cinderella's shoe!!!!!!It is wonderful.and YOU are just so amazing and helpful...a million thanks,a million hugs and a million kisses..... Joanne - Canada

July 2006- The set arrived and it is beyond wonderful, more than what I was expecting and also thank you very much for the extra special gift that was so very kind of you to include that piece. Joanne - Vancouver Island, Canada

June 2006 - Thank you Lorraine for the parcel It came really quickly. And thanks a lot for the free gifts, too. Also I have to mention, how carefully the items were packed. - Kati - Finland

June 2006 - I wanted to let you know I received the "Elephant Walk" pin and earrings set by Elizabeth Taylor for Avon. The set is exquisite. Pat - Louisville

June 2006 - I have to tell you I was not expecting such great service and the best jewellery gift I could of imagine. I have been wearing the ring... so much sparkle. Trish - USA

April 2006 - My order arrived today and I am very pleased with its contents. Thank you for your free gift I am sure I will be shopping with you again. Sarah - UK

27 March 2006 - The brooch is really lovely. I'm very happy to have it and look forward to wearing it soon. And thanks for the very nice pink earrings; It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I hope we'll meet again sometime. Thanks again - K.H - Oregon USA

22 March 2006 - Received my lovely jewellery items. The rings & watch are gorgeous. I'm so happy I've found your great website. Thanks for the lovely gift. Will be shopping with you again I hope. Best wishes Maria - UK

25 February 2006 - Thanks Item as described very nice appreciate the service - Janice USA

25 February 2006 - Arrived safely, all went to plan , will buy from again. - Maggie UK

24 February 2006 - Great transaction Highly recommended Thank you Contessina - USA

24 February 2006 - Lovely items. Thank you - Anna Maria Italy

20 February 2006 - Quick delivery, beautiful well described item, TOP CLASS SERVICE fully recommend - Sheila UK

20 February 2006 - Excellent - Nice to do business with - Jill UK

15 February 2006 - Fast and friendly service...good to do business, thankyou! - Linda UK

14 February 2006 - Fab bracelet! Smooth fast transaction. Pleasure doing business! Great seller! - Judy UK

12 February 2006 - Super rapide, super souriant - Muriel - Belguim

11 February 2006 - Excellent lovely bracelet, highly recommend A1 ++++++++++++++++ Julie UK

7 February 2006 - Delighted with the item and the seller. Thanks! - George - UK

4 February 2006 - Item, was exactly as described and well delivered fast!!! amazing, thanks! Allana - UK

19th December 2005 - I looked at at the necklace on your website and it is just gorgeous, but when I opened the package this morning, I was almost speechless, the beauty, quality and uniqueness of this necklace is far more than I expected (and I loved the picture of the necklace on the website). I cant wait to show it off to all of my friends and family, and also tell them about your website. Your jewellery and superior customer service will keep me coming back for more. I cant say thank you enough to show how really happy I am with my necklace, also the beautiful gift bracelet. You keep up the good work. A well satisfied and happy customer. "You go Lady" from Dell Ray - Las Vegas - USA

17th December 2005 My Necklace has arrived and you can add me to your very-very happy customer list. I love the necklace, Amethyst is my birthstone. Thank you for everything. Dell Ray - Las Vegas USA

17th December 2005Just to let you know that the package arrived safely. Many thanks for the free gift. Hope you have a good Christmas From Jackie Lee - UK

8th December 2005 - Many thanks Lorraine.Hope to do more business in the future with such a splendid business woman. From Maureen - UK

4th December 2005 - I received my order items.Thank you very much.I like them.And Thank you for special lovely gifts.I especially like bracelet of Merry Christmas.Thank you gain!!!Looking forward to getting more Orena items next year. From Aiko Takayasu - Japan

30 November 2005 Fabulous Website - I pulled up your website, you did a fantastic job. I know I wil be spending hours just looking at all the lovely jewellery. Dell Ray - Las Vegas USA

September 2005 - Thank you for the jewellery which I am very happy with. I was complimented on the violet necklace and ring when I wore them to the office yesterday. - Philippa - UK

Below is just some of the feedback received from more Happy Customers February - June 2005. The dates between June and October was filled in designing our Website. Fully Operational Website Launched February 2006.

22 February 2005 - Fast shipment, item as discribed - very happy! Thanks! Noa - UK


10 March 2005 - Excellent item. Quick delivery. Superb communication. Thanx - marion - UK

23 March 2005 - FantasticSeller!! Suuuper Fast Shipping--Lorraine'sFriendly--Responsive-5***** :) - Amy - New York USA

9 March 2005 - Beautiful earings at a great price and with a free gift couldn't ask for more! - Rosie - UK

2 April 2005 - Super cute...I am very happy ,THANK YOU... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - Rosalind - Washington USA

4 April 2005 - I love the necklace!Great services! - Michelle - Washington - USA

15 April 2005 - Great item, very securely delivered, better than advertised! - Alison - UK

5 April 2005 - Excellent packing , verry smooth handling all the best - Heinz-Dieter - Germany

11 April 2005 - Incredible seller! AAA++ nice and gave info on item w/ a GIFT! - Maria - California - USA

10 April 2005 - Beautiful bracelet, very well packed. Thanks to the seller AAAAAAA+++++++++++++ - Zenaide - Italy


1 May 2005 - Excellent seller, great service, A++++. thanks! - Keli - New York - USA

25 May 2005 - merci, serieux et rapide, conforme a la description - Nifut - France


7 June 2005 -Wonderful Transaction! hope to see you in the future! - Teresa - Tennessee USA

If you would like to leave us any feedback or how we can improve our services and selection of jewellery, customer service etc we would love to hear your thoughts please drop us a line and we will add you to our happy customer list.

We are very proud to have such lovely comments on our items and customer service it is a huge incentive and gives us encouragement to progress and expand further. Thank you so much.

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