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Present-Day, Contemporary and Modern

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free worldwide shippingToday we are living in a culture of consumerism, you can see all around us more than ever before there's far too much materilistic wastage, unfortuantely alot of things are mass produced and then it becomes surplus to requirements. The end result - it becomes ecologically damaging, this is where we step in and help by recycling and upcycling unwanted goods. We hope the selection of unwanted present day items can be re-used to help the environment and not chucked away on a landfilled waste site. People today have a fast paced life and don't have the time to find new homes for their unwanted things and usually decide the easiest option is to throw it away, although it's good to see some people give it to charity.

We have chosen a varied selection of present day, contemporary and modern used and new items for you to buy.

Present-Day, Contemporary and Modern

Week commencing 7th August 2017
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House of francheska top 10 business in the south west region of the uk barclays trading places award 2008

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