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Antique, Vintage and Estate Jewellery

signed austia blue rhinestone brooch

free worldwide shippingSince 2005 we have specialized in authentic, original, rare and collectable vintage, antique and estate jewellery from around the World. All vintage jewellery on the website is genuine and authentic and not modern replica's or reproductions. To keep vintage jewels in their original condition you will find most antique and vintage jewellery is purchased by serious collectors and usually the pieces are not worn for everyday wear as some precious designer and unsigned pieces are now considered museum quality. Estate jewellery does not necessarily mean that a piece of jewellery is old, only that it is pre-owned. Collectible and rare jewellery usually means a piece that is no longer in production and antique period jewellery is a term that broadly covers jewellery from a specific chronological era.

We source our jewellery from around the globe specifically for their unique designs plus we regard each piece as a beautiful work of art. We try to encapsulate high profile designers from the past and present day to help you discover along with an understanding costume jewellery is highly respected by serious collectors and also by those who decide to venture into this remarkable part of our history. You will find exceptional craftsman who produced costume jewellery have become highly prized and valued in craftsmanship as fine jewellery.

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We love happy visitors and customers, if there's anything you need or not sure about please do not hesitate to contact us
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House of francheska top 10 business in the south west region of the uk barclays trading places award 2008

House of Francheska, Barclays Bank PLC Trading Places Award 2008 > > >

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