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Vintage, Estate Jewellery, Antiques and Objet d'art

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Although our main focus is selling antique and vintage jewellery we decided to expand our product range with an online Emporium launched January 2018 to bring you Vintage, Estate Jewellery, Antiques and Objet d'Art. Please visit this link to view the online Emporium shop: https://www.house-of-francheska.co.uk/emporium-shop.htm > > >

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Welcome to the Emporium shop to find artistic and talented craftsman who produced exquisite designs for everyone past and present...
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antiques, decorative

Antiques, Decorative and Objet d'art

A wonderful journey through a bygone era to bring you the most exquisite designs in sheer quality craftsmanship....
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vintage jewels

Antique, Vintage and Estate Jewellery

Since 2005 we have specialized in authentic, original, rare and collectable vintage, antique and estate jewellery from around the World....
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Collectibles and Memorabilia

We hope this will give you inspiration to start a new hobby and interest, because life can't be all about work, you need time to enjoy life too.....
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the emporium

Present-Day, Contemporary and Modern

Today we are living in a culture of consumerism, you can see all around us more than ever before there's far too much materialistic wastage, unfortuantely alot of things are mass produced....
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House of francheska top 10 business in the south west region of the uk barclays trading places award 2008

House of Francheska, Barclays Bank PLC Trading Places Award 2008 > > >

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House of Francheska Special Feature on Retro Sellers please click on the link to read: www.retrosellers.com/features440.htm

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